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The V-ARS membership of a V-Pilot can be terminated at the request of the member or for good cause by the staff of the V-ARS. Thus, all personal data required for the operation of the V-Pilot will be deleted, also the stored log files, 7 days after termination of the Membership.

Prior to 25.05.2018, the AGREEMENT FOR PROCUREMENT PROCEDURES pursuant to Art. 28 para. 3 of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) was contracted with hosting provider of VIRTUAL ARTIS AIRWAYS. This can be submitted on request at any time, for inspection, to authorized and responsible data protection officers.

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The X-Plane®, FSX-SE, FSX, P3D flight simulators and the default Sceneries, by their respective AUTHORS. Aviation Weather Reports by Metar – Aviation Digital Data by Noaa and/or by their respective AUTHORS, Simflight chart excerpts by Jeppesen and/or by their respective AUTHORS, Flight tracking systems with presentations as overlays on OSM and/or by their respective AUTHORS. VA Environments and Aircrafts by V-ARS, ARTIS DIVERSIS – J.A.G. Baloghy and/or by their respective AUTHORS. Screenshots made during the flights, Image Processings by ARTIS DIVERSIS – J.A.G. Baloghy and/or by their respective AUTHORS, Flight-Reports directed, created by ARTIS DIVERSIS – J.A.G. Baloghy and/or by associated Partners and/or by their respective AUTHORS. Johann A.G. Baloghy is license holder of X-Plane® 9.X, 10.X, 11.X, FSX-SE, FSX, P3D and some official payware and freeware aircrafts and tools in his fleets and organisation.
The Operation flights are executed under the flags of V-ARS, VIRTUAL ARTIS AIRWAYS and Codeshare VA Partner. However the V-ARS,  the VIRTUAL ARTIS AIRWAYS, Codeshare VA PARTNER, enumerated virtual AIRLINES, are in no way affiliated with the mentioned real life/world ORGANISATIONS. The  V-ARS and the VIRTUAL ARTIS AIRWAYS is a virtual, fictional, visionary and NPO, Non Profit Organisation.

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