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Terms & Conditions:

1.The Applicant must be at least 16 years old.
2.The Applicant must have his own licensed Flight Simulator Software installed on his modern PC.
3.The Applicant must have and use his own flat rate Internet connection.
4.The Applicant must read, understand and comply with all the Terms & Conditions under ABOUT & RULES and LEGAL & IMPRINT, too.
5.The Applicant must read, understand and comply with all the Rules of the VATSIM and IVAO organisations.
6.The Email address of the Applicant must be his own and a valid one.
7.At least the VATSIM and/or IVAO flight hours are recognized and accepted. Additional transfer flight hours must be proven in the field AVIATION KNOWLEDGE. (for example with exact URL, web pages, from other Virtual Airlines).
8.After the successful registration and approval, a minimum of one flight per month is mandatory and is to be flown by the Applicant.


The V-ARS Internet Site or of the VIRTUAL ARTIS AIRWAYS pages are using advanced technologies on this Web sites. At no time will be, private information you have given us, shared or disclosed to unauthorized third parties. The exception to this rule is when site visitors or members are suspected of misusing V-ARS pages, data and operations.

The names and forenames of the V-ARS members, except here the V-ARS Staff members, are only published as shortcuts. Images of V-ARS members, except here the V-ARS Staff members, are neither requested nor published. The reCAPTCHA version 3 is implemented on our site. Please see the note below.

The IP addresses of the V-ARS members and V-pilots are recorded internally in V-ARS log files for operational reasons. The IP addresses of the V-ARS non-member page visitors are automatically recorded for up to 7 days, to evtl. detect and defend attacks against V-ARS and/or for security reasons. Thereafter, the deletion or anonymization of the detected IP addresses takes place.

The log files include the type of browser with which V-ARS members and V-ARS visitors access the website, the websites visited before, the system configuration, date and time. We store IP addresses only to the extent necessary for the operation of V-ARS.

The V-ARS membership of a V-Pilot can be terminated at the request of the member or for good cause by the staff of the V-ARS. Thus, all personal data required for the operation of the V-Pilot will be deleted, also the stored log files, 7 days after termination of the Membership.

Prior to 25.05.2018, the AGREEMENT FOR PROCUREMENT PROCEDURES pursuant to Art. 28 para. 3 of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) was contracted with hosting provider of VIRTUAL ARTIS AIRWAYS. This can be submitted on request at any time, for inspection, to authorized and responsible data protection officers. The access to the data stored by VIRTUAL ARTIS AIRWAYS is exclusively allowed to and under responsibility of the owner of the VIRTUAL ARTIS AIRWAYS website, Johann A.G. Baloghy.

The exploitation of the published Registration content, the contact details of the site owner, is hereby expressly contradicted and prohibited. In case of infringement, legal action will be initiated!

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The reCAPTCHA version 3
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